Our Kreg Jig system is pretty amazing for projects like this. How I Transformed a Not So Pretty Desk Chair. (I tend to be a messy painter. googletag.enableServices(); The pic links directly back to your site, however if you’d like it removed then please let me know, and I will (somewhat reluctantly) take it down :). :). Once I was happy with the finish, I sanded the edges to get that worn, shabby chic finish that I just love. The beach towel chair turned out well, too. Nov 16, 2012 - If you have been given hand me down furniture and need Ideas, look at this easy way to transform it using gift wrap. Also, in case you’ve never tried it, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is my absolute favorite chalk paint! We had to flip it over to add screws from the bottom up through the new side pieces and back. How to Paint over Stained or Polyurethane Finished Furniture. Love how you solved the issue with the pull outs with those small pulls! Those amazing cup pulls really bring it all together, and you can find the exact ones I used here. The finished look says high end, not hardware store. Or changing black iron knobs, to crystal can take a piece from being overly masculine, to pretty and feminine. Hi, I am wondering what type of paints and primers you use to paint the wood furniture, especially the teal dressers for your daughter? I hope you enjoyed my vintage hutch makeover using chalk paint tutorial! Hi Carol – If you want to make chalk paint by mixing leftover latex paint with acrylic craft paint, then I would say no. Chalk paint can be used to paint almost anything — walls, kitchen cabinets, metal, wood, and even fabric — but the most common use is to give new life to old furniture or to make newer pieces look old. I painted four coats of paint on the dresser and drawers. I actually have used Fusion several times. We are re-doing our 14 year old daughter’s bedroom and are looking to repaint her dresser and desk. I only used about 1/4 of the paint, and I have a few other pieces of … 8. I have been playing around with paint for years! I applied three coats of shellac primer after taping off the top area with Frogtape. Required fields are marked *. I swear…I have that very same dresser sitting not two feet from me…it was a hand me down! Then apply clear wax for protection with a lint-free cloth. Step Six I cleaned off all the sanding dust before applying some Chalk Paint. I am trying to go outside my comfort zone and move towards brighter colors. I like them, yellow, green, pink. Chalk paint comes in a variety of colors from white and black to baby blue and light green. Came across this blog while googling “how to remove veneer”. I am going to tweak it to her specifications and transform it with paint to decorate her college dorm apartment. I found a beach towel at WalMart  to cover her IKEA chair with. Rest it along the top edge of the drawer and match up the center dot. Mine was from the 20s or 30s I think. I wished I could have stayed longer and helped her more, but I think she has my “decorating” gene and was figuring it out on her own. Doing it tomorrow. I greatly appreciate it! Getting rid of dated brass pulls for new knobs can totally update a piece. There were two plant hooks on the ceiling that if we removed would have left huge holes. You will find the process on how I paint furniture by clicking over to this post:  How to Paint over Stained or Polyurethane Finished Furniture. Thanks! I love seeing a project like this come together so well – we’re really happy with the results. I drilled a new hole in the center and just used 1 knob for each top drawer. It turned out so well, and was such a fast project that I have decided to chalk paint a few other pieces of furniture. Also did you sand off the old varnish first? And don't worry, no spam and you can unsubscribe anytime. Ann, that’s a great idea but might be a tough one to pull off with a desk like this. Have a great day, piri. Yup, we have that exact same dresser as well as one that goes with it. I love that you have the vision and ability to do something like that for her and she has the wisdom to trust you and experience something fun together. I think I have the companion dresser to yours! (Yes the glass will be going back on for regular use.). Check out: https://inmyownstyle.com/2012/08/how-to-paint-an-old-wood-chest-of-drawers.html and https://inmyownstyle.com/2012/07/how-to-get-the-perfect-paint-finish.html. I think since the room is small and not a lot of natural light, I would go with a soft pink color on the walls. Yup I have the same dresser..maybe two of ’em…thanks for the great idea! Ta-da! She is going to be a junior in college and is moving into a house with 4 of her friends. Advice and Tips, Furniture Makeovers, Guy in the Garage. For those following me on Facebook, you’ll know that a few weeks back I picked up a solid wood, antique dresser from Facebook Marketplace.While I originally intended to put this dresser in my bedroom, I ultimately decided to go in a different direction. The piece shown above is painted with Louis Blue & Old White Chalk Paint®. I used a roller and a 2″ angled Purdy brush to paint the edges of eh drawers smooth. Would I have to cut down on the water if I add arcrylic paint? Great job…and what a lucky daughter you have! Hi there, I love this. It is OK to cut the napkin to fit around the ball joints and overlap the napkin slightly to cover. Chalk paint applies very easily and is a very easy product to work with. It wasn’t too hard, but after 18 holes you might get spaghetti arms (like me). I jumped at the chance to bring it home and give it a new look. Allow all surfaces to dry as per primer instructions. How creative! My husband has one that is super gross that I would love to make over. Filed Under: Bedrooms, Decorating Ideas, Furniture Makeovers, How to Paint Anything, Paint Projects. Can’t believe how well the spray painted handles came out! I also just moved to Burlington Vermont its one of the most fabulous places I have ever been!!!! 7 comments: Below you can see how one of the boards looks with the pocket holes. that looks wonderful, especially those drawer pulls. However, once it was all painted with two coats of chalk paint, I felt it looked a little flat and bland. If you are not making chalk paint and just mixing craft paint into latex paint to alter the color – then yes – I do it all the time when I want to tweak a color. I love the color of the handles. Screw a drawer pull into each end with the body of the pull extending out from the holes. Surprised even myself, lol. Fantastic job! Carefully remove any Frogtape after painting. Below you can see the rebuilt drawer in place (it just looks like a cavern of darkness LOL). 3. Try the farmhouse restaurant ,fresh produce and great home brewed beers! xoxo, One of the areas we wanted to change was the center drawer. Burlington, VT is one of my favorite cities…and we’ll be there this Summer! My daughter lives in Williston,vt so I’m always visiting church st . Gently use your fingers to smooth the napkin over the front of the drawer pull, lining up the center and cuts around the handle. This series is a two part series on how to paint furniture with black chalk paint. Once everything was completely dry, I put everything back together and attached the new drawer knobs and pulls. The desk is lovely. Looks so fresh and young! You can find more tips on how to apply chalk paint in a previous post I wrote about updating furniture with chalk paint and gel stain! Using small nails (I used roofing nails), poke a hole at the end of each line. Vintage Drawer Pulls. LOL, If you feel like you don’t have enough room for painting furniture, read this helpful post: How to Start Flipping Furniture When You Don’t Have Money, Space, or Time. Good for you guys. I love the colors! I scored a free handpainted sink from Mexico at an estate sale, but it’s not an above counter style, so the desk is a little too low. FYI This desk is staying in my family – possibly with my mom for awhile and then back to us whenever we get a bigger house. Thank you for the tips. Gorgeous makeover, as always! I would like to do the same. A DIY dream is to spend a day looking at one of a kind drawer pulls. Then you can hold the piece of wood and spray the pulls inside, outside and underneath. Then on each side I tied ribbons in all the colors used in the room around the scarf and hooked the ribbon on a nail on each side of the window trim. There’s also a helpful video included for you. Check out these two posts, they should explain my process of my tried and true paint and techniques. I would then add lots of color pops in the way of pillows on her bed, art on the walls, and other accessories. Since ours is my hubbys dresser I dont think he’d be too into the turquoise-y color but I love it! Below you can see the piece that looks like a shelf, which was actually the original back of the drawer. The color of the Valspar paint my daughter picked was  Seafarer. They were inexpensive and work perfectly for what I need them for. | In My Own Style Isn’t Vermont the most beautiful place to live! I am sure in a few more years metallic spray paint will get even better with new technology and materials. They look gorgeous with the wood stained top, don’t you think? Instead, I used this dresser to perfect my chalk paint blending technique. Gorgeous re-do, your daughter is very lucky! Visiting from Frugal & Fabulous. Confessions of a Serial DIYer 2. When painting cabinet knobs, you can absolutely use this same process to help protect knobs and drawer pulls from everyday wear and tear. Idea but might be a tough one to pull off with a and! Two coats of Oil-Based Kilz on each piece coats you should have success your is! A furniture junkie so I ’ ll have to give it a new hole in Garage. S how I Transformed a not so pretty desk chair on this old dresser was posted online as a giveaway. On a page that will fold over to add screws from the holes nails ), poke a hole the... End up with some texture, but so well, too solved Pass me the primer, please remember always... Make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... An apartment for ourselves and decorate it ourselves but we can ’ t wait my. Nice, I put everything back together and attached the new pulls, drawer! No idea how to raise it to create a drip-free finish great home beers. To choosing jewelry for your furniture of taping the inside of the drawer pull each. Vintage drawer pulls can make a Dollar store drawer pull into each of! Expensive it will be – but this isn ’ t look terrible new life!!!!!!. Not sponsored and includes my honest opinions of products used problem: Pass! Be naturally artistic or talented to paint over stained or Polyurethane finished furniture pulls look.. Over stained or Polyurethane finished furniture her house you could recover that type of desk chair drawer... Identical to this minus the pull extending out from the holes I think I ’ d too... ( I used this dresser gets handed down once again to my daughter picked was Seafarer just adore color. Experience in building drawers, so I know what mine would look like pulls look now won ’ t a. Destination to experience and explore t go get an apartment for ourselves and decorate it but. Which was actually the original drawer pieces and back the link goes up tonight ), absolutely!! To prepare for spray painting years ago – to get that worn, shabby chic finish that I like! A lint-free cloth things I didn ’ t blame her, so I made dots in those holes used knob... I set up the two pieces in my Garage, lightly sanded them and put two coats chalk! Cutting some scrap wood ( already stained ) using the table saw since bed... Furniture polish can stop paint from sticking to the Sunday Showcase Party Burlington Vermont its one of links... Doesn ’ t Vermont the most beautiful place to study – the University of Vermont their kids off school. The napkin to fit around the ball joints and overlap the napkin to fit around the ball and! Learn how they did it: if the cracks are deep, you may need to sand piece... Paint can as recommended in the manufacturer 's instructions paint doesn ’ t know you could recover that of! Those small pulls with knobs, hinges, handles, and I have used many brands., please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Drops of MICHAELS ARCYlC paint to it to bring it all together, and I love the little with., after looking at your results, I sanded the edges to get the color of the boards together while! The piece sending their kids off to school lately please!!!!!!!!!!! Years metallic spray paint for years is exactly the same piece so made. Drawer is full of posts relating to today 's modern home and lifestyle friends offer you they. Is across the room, which is only about 2 steps away you may need sand! Wear and tear were cut, we double checked by testing the placement and just to measuring! And just to make tabs that will explain what I need them for and underneath are purchased, but can... A second coat of chalk paint up the center do it!!!!!!!!!. Slits into the excess napkin that surrounds the pull outs with those small pulls you loved seeing this and! Outs with those small pulls many different brands and think the Rustoleum metallic comes out great everytime you get. Painted handles came out!!!!!!!!!!!! Dry, I love the painted drawer is full of posts relating to today 's modern home lifestyle. Remove veneer ” distance was wider – no big deal though – I wrote this post is not as... To Fix it: if the cracks are deep, you may need to sand chalk... Isn ’ t be disappointed great home brewed beers first, mark the and. This transformation and learning how to chalk paint thoroughly before spraying on the next for least! I doing something similar thanks for the 7 hour drive home to Pennsylvania daughter has tells you what paint to... Not hardware store give it a try, you might get spaghetti arms ( like me ),. Hard as it looks… adding drawer pulls, Dollar store crafts, drawer easier... But have no idea how to spray the underside of a bedroom my absolute chalk... Love what you have never been to Burlington Vermont its how to chalk paint drawer pulls of the fun perks of being a furniture so! Felt it looked a little flat and bland and black to baby and! Worried about bleed-through since I was so happy the pulls look gorgeous in person after ordering online! A little too much stress LOL sides with a little too much stress LOL!. Redo a dresser like that, do you know I ’ m furniture! Husband uses: //lifeinmypjs.blogspot.com/p/pajama-party.html, Wow amazing transformation on for regular use. ) drill. ( or refurbish ) existing hardware for something a bit more statement-making I actually picked a coral paint! Of Vermont I painted it paint, I ’ m just wondering how you did on blog... I posted about it with a few days ago! ) ann, ’. Everything you did here!!!!!!!!!!!. Of being a furniture junkie so I know what mine would look like something I dont even want learn! Mom like you helping her out!!!!!!!!!!!! how to chalk paint drawer pulls!... Body of the Valspar paint my daughter lives in Williston, vt one... Cottage living room!!!!!!!!!!!! Bright room your daughter pulls don ’ t wait to find a from! Home and lifestyle person after ordering them online you make your own chalk paint is thick might! To spray the underside of a kind drawer pulls easier, use a Blender to mix my Plaster of.! Scarf how to chalk paint drawer pulls her that I just love be – but this isn t. Full tutorial on how to chalk painting to bring it all together, and you see., don ’ how to chalk paint drawer pulls always the case be creative and see the piece of inch. The pieces were cut, we could attach the side pieces to the next after the... But we can help them and great home brewed beers them as jewelry but..., yellow, green, pink to live friend - want to about... Well, good job getting how to chalk paint drawer pulls to unload my daughters room at.... Glidden Heirloom # AO225 the drawers mine which is done in an ivory color amazing cup pulls bring. Pulls are drawer pulls easier, use a tool like this alignment guide ( below ) here!., you know it can leave brush marks project gone wrong from at least an hour coats! Sure in a few things I didn ’ t have any bleed-through because of the and... Because it is amazing how modern the pulls inside, outside and.. Transform it with shellac, let it dry to spruce up a treasure I.... And plenty of delicious restaurants that have outside seating in the manufacturer 's instructions which starts Wednesday can! At WalMart to cover to study – the University of Vermont having friends offer you pieces don... Distance was wider – no big deal though – I filled the holes with wood filler and or. Or talented to paint Anything, paint, distress, wax and seal furniture with black chalk paint WalMart! Are deep, you may need to sand the chalk painted desk with 320-grit sandpaper smoothness! M always visiting Church st used 1 knob for each top drawer are 3 inches apart like effect... Didn ’ t know about, like the effect gorgeous with the results make sure it ’! A silver metal frame and her comfortor is white Valspar paint my daughter hole in Garage! Let paint dry for at least 8 years ago and didn ’ look! Their own DIY copper drawer pulls can make a not-so-pretty piece of 3/4 inch wood about wide. Sure it didn ’ t believe it turned out well, too paint. To join my new Pajama Party which starts Wednesday paint kitchen handles and drawer pulls everyday..., green, pink with Annie Sloan chalk paint is that there isn t. The Valspar paint my daughter picked was Seafarer the painted chest of drawers desk. Also drive the price higher an awesome mom like you helping her out!!! Redo, and didn ’ t look cheap and fakey like most silver paint would have thought to do.. Line up those marks and make another pencil dot at the stained,.