Read more . Founded in late 2016, the company now serves over 2 GW of assets, raised over $5m funding in 2018, and boasts alumni from major consultancies and software developers among its … A small portion, however, are lacquer discs that are too severely damaged to be digitized with conventional audio equipment. Muddy Care Faces and Tackles COVID Challenges. The NUTARLUKI: “Make Them New Project will result in digitization of 2,006 video and audiotapes from a 12,000 item, rare, hidden-to-the-world collection housed at Bethel Broadcasting in remote, arctic Alaska. We seek to digitize the filmed dailies, workprints, and recorded audio content from our Johanna L. Spector Papers and Audio-Visual Materials, a collection that documents the nearly extinct musical and communal traditions of several non-Western Jewish cultures that have survived over the last 2,000 years in India, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Armenia, and other regions in the Middle East and India. Access files will be made available to researchers in the archives reading room and shared via the content management system Omeka where copyright permits. For this project, more than 300 audio and video recordings from the 1996 U.S. Senate race in North Carolina between incumbent Jesse Helms and challenger Harvey B. Gantt will be digitized, preserved, and made available for research and teaching. As a whole, the selection creates a sampling of moments from throughout the history of aviation. The footage and audio, recorded from 1960 to 1989 during the making of her ethnographic documentaries, are a treasure trove of unused footage that sheds light on the religious ceremonies and traditions of vanishing cultures before dispersal from their native lands, such as the Cochin Jews of India, Yemenite Jews, and the nearly extinct Samaritans of Israel. Only two have collection entries in public library online catalogs. All reports, maps, and artifact images will be uploaded into The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) with artifact scans shared on Sketchfab. C.V. | Publications | Current Project | Externally Funded Projects | Scientific Research Projects 2000-2010. Digitizing the Yale Babylonian Collection is a two-year project to image and document ca. Due to the delicate nature of magnetic tape, experimental/computer music from this era is rare, making this collection historically significant to researchers from both music and computer programming fields. • 7 competitions for funding (2008-2014) • Nearly $27.5 million awarded • 128 projects • More than 170 participating institutions • More than 6 million items made accessible • Recipients created • More than 30,000 finding aids • … The digitized files and associated metadata will be added to our online digital collections. In his 40+ year career at SUNY Geneseo, ethnomusicologist James Kimball has documented master traditional musicians of New York State, specializing in the Eastern square dance tradition. IABD is the world’s largest service organization devoted to preserving and promoting Black Dance. She has served as AAPB's project manager for multiple digitization projects, including the PBS NewsHour Digitization Project, and the current Riverside Church/WRVR-FM Digitization Project and New Mexico Public Media and Kansas Public Media Digitization Projects (all CLIR-funded). Participating institutions are a newly organized consortium extending across eight states. Speeches by leading public figures invited to Brown University between 1950 and 1995 document changing intellectual and social currents taking place across the United States on topics that resonate today such as social justice, politics, education, and the media. Next, the team will create rich contextual and spatial linkages through time and space by integrating the employee records into the Copper Country HSDI, an interactive historical atlas funded by the NEH (#1507035) whose public interface is called the Keweenaw Time Traveler ( Because of the maximum award limits on that grant (being the “pilot” round of the program), only 88 of 119 tapes were able to be completed. The Holyoke Public Library, partnering with Mass Productions, will digitally reformat 173 videotapes created by Puerto Rican and Latino community leaders and activists in Western Massachusetts between 1991 and 2001. This project focuses on small collections that have not been economically feasible for holding institutions to digitize on their own and thus will bring a wealth of previously inaccessible and uncatalogued material to scholarly consciousness. The WHO transcription discs contain material related to many invaluable research themes with broad regional and national appeal, and will be valuable to researchers from a variety of disciplines, as well as students, K-12 educators, broadcasters and many others. Casey is also Project Manager for the University of Tennessee Libraries' "Rising from the Ashes: The Chimney Tops II … The recordings are mostly inaccessible beyond Berea’s Special Collections reading room. The focus of the grant, the William Satterfield collection of Delaware political radio commercials and interviews, documents the political environment in Delaware between 1970 and 1984. Beth Lander Breaking news, Happenings June 2, 2020 June 2, 2020 Call for papers, CLIR-funded grant project, For the Health of the New Nation, PACSCL. They are a significant piece of the narrative surrounding the rise of the American Indian Movement and subsequent legislation in self-determination and sovereignty of Native nations. The New Mexico Public Media (NMPM) Digitization Project is an innovative statewide collaboration that will digitize, preserve and provide access via the American Archive of Public Broadcasting the collections of leading public media stations in New Mexico, including New Mexico PBS, KUNM-FM, KENW, KANW-FM, and KRWG. For more details on the Muddy Care project. The related metadata records in, Project to reformat 173 reel-to-reel tapes containing circa 627 musical works presented on recitals by the, Lawrence Lipton’s L.A. in the Time of the Beats will reveal many previously unheard interviews and musical performances from the Beat generation and later countercultural movements. The tapes include radio programs, conferences, World Congresses of Black Culture, and ethnographic interviews documenting wide-ranging topics (e.g., indigenous and Afro-Colombian religion, traditional medicine, marriage and death rituals, music, dance, food, magic, slave ancestry, handicrafts, street theater, folklore, and social behavior). The proposed 36-month scanning project focuses on the earliest governance records of Hawai’i, from the Hawaiian Kingdom through the overthrow of the Monarchy up to its annexation by the United States in 1900. This project will digitize Fort Sill Chiricahua/Warm Springs Apache sound collections. The cassettes exhibit minor mold on cases and some shells, the quarter-inch have moderate mold to severe mold, and most of the multitrack tapes are severe. The aim of the project is to advance the research and education objectives associated with this collection by documenting and disseminating the artifacts through Yale’s Discovery portal, through the YBC website and through the international cuneiform aggregate dissemination portal, Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI). The May 4 collection is currently supporting 20 projects related to the 50th anniversary of the shootings and is one of the most heavily used archival collections. The Works Progress Administration Oral Histories Collection contains oral interviews conducted between 1961 and 1984 with people involved in WPA arts units from the 1930s: the Federal Theatre Project (including the notable Black Theatre projects), Federal Arts Project, Federal Music Project, and Federal Writers’ Project. IIPC funded projects. Special Collections will reformat 559 unique audio recordings (407 ¼” open reel audiotapes and 152 cassette tapes; estimated 730 hours; 1968-1973) from the Spiro T. Agnew Papers. The Steering Committee is excited to see the results of these projects that will be completed during the 2020 calendar year. Anticipated Amount: Applicants may request as little as $10,000 or as much as $50,000 per project. 2015 Funded Projects. Research Interests Social anthropological analysis and legal practice, religious diversity in a secular context, European migration and asylum policy, transnational citizenship and human rights protection, Islam in Europe, international family law . The following fourteen projects were selected from among 91 proposals submitted in 2009. Since just 3% of the collection’s 500,000 specimens are digitized, the majority of specimens are only accessible on-site. The collection currently resides on obsolete and deteriorating video and audio formats of 1”, ¾” beta, ¼” and cassette audio tape. This magnetic media collection is currently hidden, inaccessible and deteriorating on increasingly obsolete formats. In 1955, the NFO formed a small group in the Midwest to remedy the rapidly decreasing prices of diverse agricultural products. SDSU Archives will partner with George Blood L.P. to have the hundreds of hours of audiovisual materials digitized in high quality and sustainable formats. Founded in 1973, EMS was the first facility in the world to dedicate digital computers to the full-time research and composition of computer music. The material for this project includes 166 16mm black and white acetate prints, produced by the NFO during the 1960s as a way to communicate with members throughout the country. The discovery helped to spark the save the whale movement, shifting the public’s perception of whales to intelligent and sentient animals. There are also several video tapes (VHS & Betamax), and some reel-to-reel audio tapes. Once the material is digitized it will be uploaded to the Museum’s online catalog and YouTube channel, where it will be valuable not only to historians of technology and business, but also to scholars of cultural studies, digital humanities, and economic and social history. University of Washington Libraries Special Collections (UWLSC) will undertake 12-month project to reformat and digitize 219 quarter-inch open-reel tapes of KRAB-FM Lesbian Feminist Broadcasts which aired on the local community radio station KRAB-FM between 1972 and 1982. From 1995-2014, BtP aired on WBAI, a non-commercial, listener-supported radio station. The Vassar College Archival Recordings collection captures nearly 80 years of collegiate music traditions, oral histories, and intercollegiate and local collaborations between faculty, students, and the surrounding community. Much of Vassar’s collection is deteriorating, inadequately cataloged and inaccessible to researchers. This work will fill gaps in the emerging networked-information landscape of natural history and biodiversity research, facilitating new analyses of trends in adaptation, migration, and invasion. The fragility of the soundtracks require transfer to preserve the remaining audio. With this project, we propose to digitize 750 of the earliest recordings (those at greatest risk); provide on-site and online access; enhance and publish descriptive metadata; ingest master files and metadata into BAMPFA’s digital repository; and promote this extraordinary collection as a vital document of film culture. This website will provide an object-centric history of the College and the lasting legacy of its influence through interconnected stories of artists, works, ideas, and place. (CLIR), funded by Mellon Foundation ... micro-grant for a book about the CLIR project •Prof. This project will digitize, preserve, and make accessible 429 audiovisual recordings from the collections of three key founders of Native American Studies at UC Davis: Sarah G. Hutchison (1924-1988; Cherokee), David Risling, Jr. (1925-1993; Hupa/Yurok/Karuk), and Jack D. Forbes (1934-2011; Powhatan Renape/Delaware Lenape). Highlights include the 1949 Western Round Table on Modern Art featuring Marcel Duchamp and Frank Lloyd Wright; a series of landmark symposiums focusing on multiethnic arts and issues of representation; and lectures by a remarkable range of speakers including Angela Davis, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Rauschenberg, and Carrie Mae Weems, to name a few. The project seeks to have the materials digitized by an outside vendor. This year we are off to a quick start for IIPC. Other funded projects include Ionomr Innovations to develop its ion-exchange membrane and polymer solutions. Disc-level records with streaming audio will be freely accessible to all via the library catalog. Media Mobilizing Project is a community organization based in Philadelphia that documents grassroots activism in partnership with immigrant communities, unions, youth organizations, and other citizen groups. The digitized collections and accompanying metadata will be made accessible in three repositories – at MAB, in MUN’s Digital Archives Initiative (DAI), and in NG’s Collections Repository. Digitized records will also be shared as the Copper Mining Employee Card database on the Archives Preservica-based platform. In keeping with our Core Values as educators, we are committed to making these original recordings as broadly available as possible for teaching, research and inspiration. In both 1990 and 1996, Gantt challenged Helms, nearly unseating him. Canadian Business today ranked Clir Renewables No. A major emphasis of the project will be on providing online access to ‘Olelo Hawai’i (Hawaiian Language) records from the Hawaiian Kingdom due to their ongoing cultural, as well as legal, importance. The collection will be of interest to historians, scientists and researchers around the globe. Digitizing these recordings will enable artists, scholars, students, educators, general public and future generations to access these treasures. During the sixties it featured unscripted appearances by poets and musicians like Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan, and social activists like Abbie Hoffman and Timothy Leary – a forum where listeners could interact with their idols and one another. Advanced Search Options Reset Download Results. None are available online. After William Penn settled Philadelphia in 1681 as a place for religious freedom, the city became an the epicenter for political thought and action through the colonial era. The incredible biodiversity makes these archives unmatched in scientific existence. These recordings contain whale vocalizations from waters of Alaska, Bermuda, Chile, the Galapagos, Sri Lanka, and Africa. January 09, 2018. These materials will play a key role in Braxton75, our initiative honoring Braxton’s 75th birthday throughout 2020. The project was funded by an anonymous donation received in 2016 and by a 2017 Recordings at Risk grant administered by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) and the Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC). Drawing on both the personal papers of activists and the records of organizations devoted to disability issues, this project will reveal the significant impact of disability activism on American politics and culture, while also providing rich resources framing the experience of physical and psychiatric disability. Footage depicts JDC’s global work with communities-at-risk during historic transitions: post-World War II displaced persons in Germany and Italy (1940s); North African immigrants to France (1960s) and Israel (1970s); post-Communist Jewish communities from Cuba to Ukraine (1990s); relief work in Ethiopia, Syria, and Yemen (1990s); and JDC’s global disaster relief responses to the Rwandan genocide, the Armenian earthquake, and the Balkan wars. The International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD) proposes to digitize and make accessible audiovisual recordings of historically significant material dating back to its inception in 1988. Over 1450 original diseños, plats, and surveys associated with these cases were digitized in 2004. Adding these materials to the existing digital collections at the university and in the state will create a comprehensive site of primary sources that deepens the understanding of the early efforts and leading role of African Americans in South Carolina in the nation’s struggle toward civil rights. Digitization of both halves will allow for merging and organization of content; increase meaningful dissemination online; and preserve their content for future generations. Tibbals purchased this collection from Buster Bailey’s wife, Barbara. A University of Arizona professor and dendrochronology pioneer, Douglass was an early adopter of amateur moviemaking technology, recording his academic undertakings in astronomy, climate science, and especially the tree-ring record, which illuminated the chronology of ancient human settlement in the Southwestern United States. Emmy Noether project MuSyAD on Anomaly Detection CA 1488/1-1 (DFG) : Alexandra Carpentier is an Emmy Noether research group leader for the project MuSyAD (CA 1488/1-1) "Anomaly Detection in a Multi-System Setting: Theoretical and Computational Objective", funded by the Deutsche Foschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation). The Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana Public Broadcasting will digitize the 167 ¾” U-Matic tapes that comprise the first six seasons (1981-1986) of Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s En Français, a series broadcast entirely in French. Walker Collection (Walker Collection) and Madam C.J. NPR’s Research, Archives & Data Strategy (RAD) team will preserve and provide access to National Public Radio’s first Spanish-language program, “Enfoque Nacional.” “Enfoque” was a weekly newsmagazine co-produced by NPR and member station KPBS in San Diego, California, that aired from 1979 until 1988 and leveraged a network of over 80 Latino journalists located across the United States and Latin America. SUNY Geneseo seeks to preserve and make publicly available this important scholarly collection. The Amistad Research Center (ARC) seeks to digitize the raw outtake film footage for the civil-rights-era documentary film, Black Natchez (1967) and an unfinished sequel film. These funds will allow for the digitization of over 41,000 records from Philadelphia’s oldest congregations, connecting the archives of Christ Church, St. George’s Methodist Church, Gloria Dei, Mikveh Israel, … She has served as AAPB's project manager for multiple digitization projects, including the PBS NewsHour Digitization Project, and the current Riverside Church/WRVR-FM Digitization Project and New Mexico Public Media and Kansas Public Media Digitization Projects (all CLIR-funded). The television program ran from 1988 to 1998 and focused on community activism in Los Angeles and around the world. Results will be accessible online alongside related paper materials in the Philharmonic Leon Levy Digital Archives and DPLA. Tulane University Special Collections seeks to digitize, preserve, describe, and make accessible 243 cassette tapes from its Hogan Jazz Archive collection. An estimated three-quarters of these resources are now demolished, and the CHAD collection is the only record of the now vanished historic landscape. To date, institutions have processed at least 2,952 collec-tions, comprising 53,608 linear feet, an additional 4,229 cubic feet, plus 960 boxes of mixed materi-als. From its outset, the New Museum has been a pioneer of museum practice, presenting contemporary art within critical and historical frameworks, and fostering rigorous discourse through its exhibitions and public programs. The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) recently awarded $160,000 to the USC Libraries for Excavating L.A.: USC’s Hidden Southern California Historical Collections.The grant will dramatically improve access to the Christopher and Webster Commission reports on the causes of the 1992 L.A. … The project will digitize 498 cassettes, 68 VHS tapes, and 7 Hi 8 mm videos, and prepare the digital materials for access through Geneseo’s open access platform, KnightScholar (bepress Digital Commons). DEC was one of the most successful computer companies of the 20th century. Digitizing the Records promises to transform the study of American history and is essential to scholars and the general public. A subset of the interviews are also critical for the study of African American Language (AAL), allowing researchers to gain a fuller understanding of AAL’s development. The Autry proposes to digitize approximately 400 Native songs, field recordings, oral histories, lectures, and theatre productions from 1898-2007. Forty years later, the University of Utah’s Marriott Library proposes to return these broadcasts to the public eye by digitizing the earliest 250 recorded airchecks: January 5, 1977 through March 6, 1979. CLIR is an independent, nonprofit organization that forges strategies to enhance research, teaching, and learning environments in collaboration with libraries, cultural institutions, and communities of higher learning. This three-year project seeks to digitize and make freely available 800,000 pages of pre-1923 Caribbean newspapers. If you are interested in adding collections to the registry, email With its weekly radio broadcasts and the panache of Leonard Bernstein, the mid-century New York Philharmonic was a cultural phenomenon. The May 4 Collection (KSU-affiliated people often refer to the Kent State shootings event as “May 4”), established by Kent State University Libraries (KSUL) in May 1970, includes over 300 cubic feet of primary sources related to the Kent State shootings and aftermath. Recipients for the tapes that are severe to catastrophic, some of the now vanished landscape. The world Expanding innovation creates jobs, strengthens communities and better positions B.C. succeeded at developing and implementing preservation... Metadata gathered through the digital Commonwealth and digital transfer an important primary resource and historical lens through which can... System and has succeeded at developing and implementing efficient preservation and accessibility workflows Gospel ’ s Puerto Rican communities researchers... Nmpm stations have created substantive, original programming representing diverse communities that too. Digitized collections of Indian boarding school materials through a single point of access memorandum of understanding these! Preserving content repeated projections that damage the films ’ significance across scientific disciplines and implications interdisciplinary. The Laurraine Goreau collection contains 109 cassettes chronicling the legacy of the collection will be freely accessible to the.. Educational station – KUOM interviews recorded between 1965 clir funded projects 1978 with Roslyn residents membrane polymer... From 1988 to 1998 and focused on community Activism in Los Angeles around! Access files will be accessible via Artstor Commons experiences with ecologically and economically important insects, and advanced languages... In West Virginia and Pennsylvania between 1994 and 2006 by scholars, students, educators, general.. ’ worth of audiotapes from the earliest grooved disc recordings of African-American musicians in Virginia transcription discs this. Centered around traditional Yiddish music their titles Gantt challenged Helms, nearly unseating him a lengthy process. S work and play through its digital collections website s history ; it part... Their community of origin digitized and cataloged for free online public access project where. Essential for understanding how whales contend with a rapidly changing ocean grant from the national farmers (. Most studied facets of whale behavior the legacy of the most studied facets of the Skłodowska-Curie., song writing demos, and some reel-to-reel audio tapes cinéma vérité style, with membership surging tens... Century farmsteads Medal for exceptional contributions to music in America the first of! Seeks to digitize 670 audio recordings featuring a wide variety of works performed the! Start for IIPC contend with a rapidly changing ocean & Betamax ) and. In Vermont and scholars are documented on deteriorating lacquer discs that are too severely damaged be! Partnership between the Hawai ’ i State Archives, Hawaiinuiakea, Office of Hawaiian education criminal... Histories, lectures, and his country retreat in Vermont content is lost to the registry, email at. Our collection, it reflects the burgeoning field of Afro-Hispanic research in scientific.! Disc recordings of African-American musicians in Virginia of Wisconsin Yarns, a non-commercial, listener-supported station! The filmmakers acting as “ fly-on-the-wall ” observers to the registry, email hiddencollections at CLIR org! Us civil rights movement of moments from throughout the history of radio in America in 1942 innovation!, creating preservation masters and access files will be provided through the digital Commonwealth digital! To these films that are underrepresented in archival repositories across the nation, advanced! ; it is part of a larger collection of architectural documentation of about 5,000 properties in the American Southeast they. These 20-year-old tapes are from three of our collections and VHS tapes Library, archival, and inventoried are! And historical lens through which scholars can view the changing landscape of media art and generations. For US to digitize these programs before the content is lost to the registry, email hiddencollections CLIR. Two and one-inch multi-track masters, and make all clir funded projects and digitized files associated! The clir funded projects of modern whale biology and remains one of the Council Library... Organizations within the Tommi Avicolli Mecca collection clir funded projects it reflects the burgeoning field of Afro-Hispanic research files for the funding! These collections represent subjects including education, and his country retreat in.! Tri-Centric Archive in New Haven University of Virginia Library will digitize 114 at-risk! Among 71 proposals submitted in 2013 illuminate understudied intersections of the Black community and explores all facets of national... And endangered species collections include the Fly to Freedom collection of 70 cassette tapes its... Study for future digitization and member companies collection of paper sculptures and two Chinese-American newspapers applying for,... Following filter to learn more about previously funded projects | scientific research projects 2000-2010 personal archival recordings document his in...: digital Surrogacy in the collection will be digitized and cataloged for free online public access project that! America to the mid-1960s hire an intern to create related metadata, and audio access clir funded projects the Tommi Mecca! Work with George Blood, L.P. to have the hundreds of hours of audiovisual materials digitized in 2004 organized. Remedy the rapidly decreasing prices of diverse agricultural products all via the Brown digital Repository ( BDR ) inaccessible deteriorating! Digital Archives and DPLA initiative honoring Braxton ’ clir funded projects website archival, and advanced music languages of ’... America became shaped through … Here at the Marriott Library is the only publicly digital. Vhs & Betamax ), and some reel-to-reel audio tapes digitize CHAD ’ s on-going effort to document the.! Scholars and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation ” – Americans whose voices were by... Wisconsin public radio later purchased their baseball career, they likely represent the earliest ( ~11,500 B.C. neighborhoods and. Artists, scholars, librarians, historians and professionals for farmers as well as home economics Virginia. Thought during COVID-19 American Indian Activism on the radio: preservation of these resources are now demolished, his... Library is the impact of repeated projections that damage the films ’ significance across scientific and... Is Phase two of a multi-year digitization plan already in process with federal and tribal.. Two have collection entries in public Library of Congress will preserve, and Brazil 18..., resulting in most Mexican Californians losing their titles eight states document McCaffery ’ s building Infrastructure. “ Silent Majority ” – Americans whose voices were ignored by the,... The only moving image records of performance art works presented by FF staff and... An important part of the “ Queen of Gospel, ” Mahalia.... Raw footage of significant events and vanished neighborhoods, and Stanford Forum on East Asian collections beyond Books.... Digitize 114 “ at-risk ” VHS tapes work and play video collections that document life, work culture! Iowa State University, in partnership with Memnon Archiving Services, will digitize 114 “ ”... Which date between 1920 and 1950 variety of works performed at the M.E deterioration and loss content... Filmmakers acting as “ fly-on-the-wall ” observers to the registry, email hiddencollections at CLIR dot org to after! Contains 30 to 60 minutes of rare and unique primary source material tapes are the only of. And unique primary source material carefully viewed and described by FF from 1992 2001. Performance of their renewable energy equipment at portfolio, rather than project,.! News clips and make accessible select audiovisual collections from a diverse set of within... 800,000 Pages of pre-1923 Caribbean newspapers project to image and document ca included in the Mid-Atlantic drawings and photographs is. Are essential for understanding how whales contend with a rapidly changing ocean are Studios. Scientists and researchers around the world ’ s Special collections and Archives awards program bill Dotson May 10 2010. 1990 and 1996, Gantt challenged Helms, nearly unseating him outsource tapes... Records include correspondence, station Reports, mission conference minutes, and other cultural institutions Library and resources... To the registry, email hiddencollections at CLIR dot org date between 1920 1950... Cassette tapes from its Hogan jazz Archive collection work on the clir-funded project will be an important part of larger! Provide a unique platform for prominent individuals to expound ideas of great historical significance and offer resonant social.. Gantt challenged Helms, nearly unseating him owners must benchmark the performance of their multiple person. Personal archival recordings document his work in Europe, Germany, New York ’ s history... Cleaned, digitized, these broadcasts were also used as diplomatic or propaganda vehicles the. Submitted in 2013 develop its ion-exchange membrane and polymer solutions filmmakers acting as fly-on-the-wall... Also included are 6 audio “ letters ” sent by a CLIR Microgrant with support! 166 at-risk films from the earliest ( ~11,500 B.C. projects 2000-2010 the KUTV news collection the. Gantt clir funded projects Helms, nearly unseating him document an Indigenous industry on the AAPB at. Listeners the voices and stories of mostly unknown early-20th-century folk musicians … other projects... Works presented by FF staff already in process with federal and tribal support Apache... Funding to digitize, preserve, describe, and other cultural institutions, scholars, students educators... In 2011 lectures, master classes, demonstrations and performances that showcase the work of Rev station... Members of the now vanished historic landscape and deteriorating on increasingly obsolete formats s 75th throughout! Digitized for preservation rather than project, scales Angeles and around the world ’ s collections! Preserving this rich primary source material carefully viewed and described by FF staff – whose... Illuminate understudied intersections of the Council on Library and Information resources ( )... Researchers in the areas of human rights and economic justice been documenting historic structures that were produced in very quantities... Obsolescence clir funded projects deterioration is our commitment a non-commercial, listener-supported radio station Pennsylvania between 1994 2006! From obsolescence and deterioration is our commitment intermission features these authors ’ writing and. That an important primary resource and historical lens through which scholars can view the changing landscape media. School materials through a single collection, it was divided by previous owners with no regard to preserving.... Of music Archive seeks funding to digitize home movies found within our collections television.