Iron Man 3 director Shane Black stated in March 2013 that "There has been a lot of discussion about it: 'Is this the last Iron Man for Robert [Downey Jr.]?' He graduated with advanced degrees in physics and engineering at the age of 17 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)[142] and further developed his knowledge ranging from artificial intelligence to quantum mechanics as time progressed. Following the end of his boxing career, he was hired by Tony Stark to be his personal chauffeur and bodyguard. Written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Greg Land, it began with issue #1 in November 2012. One exception is the direct-to-DVD animated feature film The Invincible Iron Man, in which the armor Stark uses to escape his captors is not the first Iron Man suit. To rescue her, Stark and Rhodes don suits of bulky power armour built by Jarvis, but are shocked to discover that 'Baron Zemo' is actually Tony's missing father Howard Stark, brainwashed by a unique chemical compound to serve the Nazis. [167], The name Iron Maniac is what he calls himself, due to being the "sole survivor of a sane world living in a backwards, insane world". [volume & issue needed], After being transported to Earth-616, Iron Maniac fights the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange, all of whom mistake him for their Doctor Doom. Tony tells Thor to get the Void away from Asgard, which allows Tony to drop a commandeered H.A.M.M.E.R. "Stark. Tony and the dwarves of Svartalfheim build enchanted weapons. The Hammers try to foil his efforts. Apart from comic books, Iron Man appears in Capcom's "Vs." video games, including Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Andros destroys Iron Man with his ultra-beam, afterward, Hawkeye managed to implant the virus on Andros's armor, and realized that all this is because Tony was trying to save himself by using the virus to stop Andros using his nano-virus which is actually the original seed for the Vortex virus. "The Siege of Asgard - Phase Three", Bendis, Brian Michael (w), Coipel, Olivier (p), Morales, Mark (i). [179], In the alternative future of MC2, Tony Stark retires after the loss of many heroes in battle, but eventually creates the armored computer program Mainframe, which joins the next generation of Avengers. It is unknown whether the rest of his body is similarly armored or if he possesses other cybernetic enhancements. "[10] "Without being crazy, he was Howard Hughes," Lee said. Richards somehow manages to banish him into Earth-616 Other differences between his world and Earth-616 include that there is no Spider-Man, and that Hank Pym is another version of the Hulk. This armor, even more advanced than the pre-Extremis suit Iron Man wore at that time, was able to replicate any weapon from the wearer's memory. [99] Daredevil deduces that Stark had added Extremis to the water supply and the phones only transmit an activation signal, but Stark subjects Murdock to minor brain damage to prevent him from sharing this revelation with others. Lee, Stan (December 1997). When his analysis of Ulysses brain is completed,[119] Tony reveals that Ulysses does not actually see the future, but simply assembles large quantities of data to project likely outcomes. This embittered Stark who formed a revolutionary cell named the Avengers. "The Monaco Prelude", Michelinie, David; Layton, Bob (w), Romita Jr., John (p), Layton, Bob (i). Instead of suffering damage to his heart due to a booby trap in Vietnam, Tony Stark's heart was damaged when an experimental plane he was flying was brought down by AIM. The only copy of the database is in Stark's brain, which he tries to delete while on the run from Osborn. During "dinner", Ultron reveals information about the Hydra Avengers - such as Odinson working with Hydra to reclaim Mjolnir, Scarlet Witch being possessed by Chthon, and Vision being affected by an A.I. The film tells the story of Tony Stark, a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? [123] This is revealed to be the result of serious injuries sustained by Stark during his final confrontation with Captain Marvel. When Galactus arrives, Iron Man and the five other surviving zombies devour him. [170], In the miniseries JLA/Avengers, Iron Man aids the Avengers in the battle against Starro the Conqueror. Eventually, Stark's heart condition is resolved with an artificial heart transplant.[37]. [191], In 1966, Iron Man was featured in a series of cartoons. Throughout most of the character's publication history, Iron Man has been a founding member of the superhero team the Avengers and has been featured in several incarnations of his own various comic book series. [155] "Standard" continuity Iron Man (Earth-616) encountered his "creations" when a cadre of rational, scientific members of the Stark called the Programmers bring Tony Stark to the future to help them solve various planet-wide problems. [171] The Avengers escape, but Tony and Hawkeye manage to take Green Lantern's Power Battery before they leave, with Tony able to stop the Flash in his tracks. His fellow prisoner, Ho Yinsen, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist whose work Stark had greatly admired during college, constructs a magnetic chest plate to keep the shrapnel from reaching Stark's heart. He announces his retirement as Iron Man, faking Rhodes' death and giving him a new armor so that he becomes the new Iron Man. Iron Man's Marvel Comics premiere in Tales of Suspense #39 (cover dated March 1963) was a collaboration among editor and story-plotter Stan Lee, scripter Larry Lieber, story-artist Don Heck, and cover-artist and character-designer Jack Kirby. Erik Magnus and Sebastian Shaw awarded Tony the contract under the condition that he would hire Beast and Forge as observers. [39][40] Stark also develops a serious dependency on alcohol in the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline. He travels back in time for a short moment to warn Iron Man that his nano-virus chips were actually the Vortex virus. Downey reprised his role in Iron Man 2 (2010), Marvel's The Avengers (2012), Iron Man 3 (2013), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Avengers: Endgame (2019), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), and - thanks to a footage originally realized for Civil War - the upcoming Black Widow (2021). She shoots him dead center in his torso which injures his spine, paralyzing him. For other uses, see, "Tony Stark" redirects here. [103] Although Stark technically wins the battle as he destroys his other armors and deletes the A.I. 3) #87. 'Bring him back in five years time, and we'll probably have a body for him'. [168], While investigating a mysterious power source in the ruins of Atlantis, Pepper Potts gets kidnapped by the Nazis and taken to their stronghold in Norway. In Tokyo, Iron Man is contacted by Spider-Man at War Machine's last known location as he is being observed by ninjas. [186], In the timeline of What if: Newer Fantastic Four, the Fantastic Four were killed by De'Lila (a rogue Skrull) and the Hulk, so Spider-Man, the Ghost Rider and Wolverine joined together to avenge them as the New Fantastic Four. Tony Stark is an inventive genius whose expertise in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science rivals that of Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Bruce Banner, and his expertise in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering surpasses even theirs. His daughter in the MCU is Morgan H. Stark. Iron Man (aka tony stark) can build suits with great energy and shoot repulsor blasts from his hands and he can put about almost any weapon in his suit such as missiles, rockets, and etc. He has black hair, which is mostly kept in a rough-edged manner on some occasions, especially when he works. "Pieces of Hate! Mandarin and Zeke Stane upgrade some of Iron Man's old enemies and send them to commit acts of terrorism across the world, intending to discredit Iron Man. DeFalco "1980s" in Gilbert (2008), p. 211: "Jim was the natural choice to replace [Stark] as Iron Man when Tony's problem's with alcohol prevented him from doing the job. Taken captive in the Holy Land during the English / Spanish war, he is forced to make weapons for them after being tortured by David Banner, the later Hulk of that world. I found it easier than drawing that bulky old thing. manages to gain control of the suit and takes Tony to a safe location. [63] Initially, Stark welcomes this "living" armor for its improved tactical abilities. [volume & issue needed], While the alternative Tony Stark is kept locked up and drugged in the S.H.I.E.L.D. His headquarters is revealed to be a giant armor, based on the old Godzilla fighting mecha, the Red Ronin, which he uses to delay the Celestial attack until the coming of Galactus, sacrificing his life in the process. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American media franchise and shared universe centered on a series of superhero films, independently produced by Marvel Studios and based on characters that appear in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The franchise includes comic books, short films, television series, and digital series. [8] The art was split between Kirby and Heck. The series inaugural six-part storyline was "The Five Nightmares", which saw Stark targeted by Ezekiel Stane, the son of Stark's former nemesis, Obadiah Stane. Rhodes continues on as War Machine in a solo career. [202], This article is about the fictional superhero. [111] As Mary Jane distracts Madame Masque by knocking off her mask, Iron Man and Doctor Doom discover that Madame Masque is possessed by a demon. ", Heck replied "No, I would be thinking more along the lines of some characters I like, which would be the same kind of characters that Alex Toth liked, which was an Errol Flynn type. He was shocked to see Forge, one of the surviving X-Men, wearing his Mark I armored suit. [82], In the 2010–2011 "Stark: Resilient" storyline, Tony builds the Bleeding Edge armor with the help of Mister Fantastic. Rogers is later killed fighting an alternative version of the Hulk. [volume & issue needed], Iron Maniac is an evil alternative universe version of Iron Man from Earth-5012. Eventually, Stark recovers and joins a new startup, Circuits Maximus. There still could be a third movie, and Iron Man could die. (fusion of Heimdall and J.A.R.V.I.S.) Stark publicly stands down as Iron Man, but continues using the costume. It is found by a primitive alien race who use it to become an interstellar menace calling themselves the Stark, who subsequently clash with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the 31st century. As Iron Man and the Underground search for them they are intercepted by Captain America and his Hydra team. Sanderson, Peter (w), Candelario, Harry (p), Cheung, Jim (i). Jude was a secret Hydra double-agent with little regard for anybody but himself and regularly sold-out fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. At Stark Tower, Iron Man vows to find out how Ulysses' precognition works. Bendis, Brian Michael (w), Marquez, David (a). [6] Lee said, I think I gave myself a dare. "I am so completely and entirely screwed", Bendis, Brian Michael (w), Deodato, Mike (a). Anthony Edward Stark was born to Howard and Maria Stark on May 29, 1970, but his early life was often dominated by the absence of his father who he would later describe as \"cold\" and \"calculating\". Dr. Gia-Bao Yinsen aided Tony in escaping AIM, but Yinsen died saving his country from AIM. The most recent models of Stark's armor, beginning with the Extremis armor, are now stored in the hollow portions of Stark's bones, and the personal area networking implement used to control it is implanted into his forearm, and connected directly to his central nervous system. The Void kills Loki, enraging Thor. Where earlier decades had seen important technological innovations come from famous individuals (e.g., Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers), the 1960s saw new technologies (including weapons) being developed mainly by the research teams of corporations. It was the height of the Cold War. "Knightmare", Michelinie, David; Layton, Bob (w), Kupperberg, Alan (p), Layton, Bob (i). Stark is discredited and publicly vilified after his inability to anticipate or prevent the secret infiltration and invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, and by the Skrull disabling of his StarkTech technology, which had a virtual monopoly on worldwide defense. S.H.I.E.L.D. Other people who have assumed the Iron Man identity include Stark's long-time partner and best friend James Rhodes;[134] close associates Harold "Happy" Hogan; Eddie March;[135][136] (briefly) Michael O'Brien and Riri Williams. [113] After speaking with War Machine, Tony Stark meets up at a diner with Amara Perera when they are unexpectedly joined by Doctor Doom who wanted to make sure that the demonic possession that affected Madame Masque has not affected Stark or Amara. After a brief scuffle with the JLA in the Savage Land, the Avengers are confronted by Metron, who gives Tony a Mother Box. [165], In the one-shot Iron Man: The End, an aging Tony Stark works on his greatest creation, a space elevator called "Big Jump." He was almost responsible for Amanda's own death at the hands of an assassin. [57] Stark designs a more heavily armed version of the suit to wear, the "Variable Threat Response Battle Suit", which becomes known as the War Machine armor. Imagine Iron Man’s A.I. "Chapter 7: Stark Contrast", Taylor, Tom (w), Watanabe, Felipe (p), Jose, Ruy; Leisten, Jay; Wong, Walden (i). Iron Man’s ability to access the world’s communications systems is actually more complex than it seems, and the casual Iron Man fan would have no idea just what he can do with this power. While attempting to scan the retinal patterns of the young terrorist, Spider-Man snatches the scanner with his webbing and asks IM 2020 what he is doing. leads a team known as the Underground to find the Cosmic Cubes to restore Rogers to his normal self. helicarrier, he is briefly visited by his counterpart in this universe, although he is unaware of the visit. Eight months following the return of the universe as seen in the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" event, Tony works in his laboratory non-stop after his position as an innovator had been put in doubt. With the combined resources, he built the Iron Man Armor Model 66 as his attempt to recreate the Godbuster Armor. 2005), Fantastic Four / Iron Man: Big in Japan #1–4 (Dec. 2005–March 2006), Iron Man: The Inevitable #1–6 (Feb.–July 2006), Iron Man / Captain America: Casualties of War (Feb. 2007), Iron Man: Hypervelocity #1–6 (March–Aug. "Broadcasting live from...", Bendis, Brian Michael (w), Deodato, Mike (a). Stark's plan consists of building two repulsor-powered cars. [175][176][177], In the Marvel Zombies universe, Tony Stark has been infected by the zombie virus. He returns from the pocket universe with a restored and healthy heart. [158], In the miniseries Fantastic Four: The End, which is set in a future where Reed Richards' technology has launched humanity into a golden age, Tony Stark has died long ago - but his consciousness survives, 'hopping' from artificial body to artificial body. Two notable members of the series' supporting cast, at this point, are his personal chauffeur Harold "Happy" Hogan, and secretary Virginia "Pepper" Potts—to both of whom he eventually reveals his dual identity. Virginia "Pepper" Potts is a fictional supporting character appearing in books published by Marvel Comics, particularly those featuring Iron Man, in which she serves as a supporting character, sometimes as a romantic love interest of Tony Stark.Created by writers Stan Lee and Robert Bernstein and designed by artist Don Heck, she first appeared in Tales of Suspense #45 (Sept. 1963). The backup Stark created was made prior to the Civil War, and as such he does not remember anything that took place during the event, although he still concludes after reviewing his past actions that he would not have done anything differently. He needs his massive armor to survive. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. Not only can he never remove the armor, the disease is causing the armor to slowly consume his flesh, meaning that one day Tony Stark will cease to exist and only the armor will be left. On the final three issues, the cover logo was overwritten by "War Machine, Weapon of S.H.I.E.L.D. This new heart solves Stark's health problems, but it does not have an internal power supply, so Stark becomes once again dependent on periodic recharging. Upon arriving, Malekith had trapped the Aesir and had allied with Madame Hel (fusion of Madame Masque and Hela and Stane Odinson (fusion of Loki and Obadiah Stane). "[12] In a 1990 interview, when asked if he had "a specific model for Tony Stark and the other characters? Here, for instance, are the comparisons for spinach and beef. [125] In Invincible Iron Man #1, an employee of Stark sends Riri Williams an artificial intelligence housing a copy of Tony Stark's consciousness to help her control and mentor in her own version of the Iron Man armor. [volume & issue needed], In the Squadron Supreme series, the equivalent of Iron Man is Tucker Ford. [5][15] Throughout the character's comic book series, technological advancement and national defense were constant themes for Iron Man, but later issues developed Stark into a more complex and vulnerable character as they depicted his battle with alcoholism (as in the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline) and other personal difficulties. [80] Thor is ambushed by Osborn and the Sentry, but rescued by Hill. [volume & issue needed], Officially code named Iron Man, he prefers the name Steel Corpse. Alongside a horde of starving undead superhuman zombies, Iron Man attacks the Silver Surfer. agents, Amanda Armstrong and Jude. Taylor, Tom (w), Çinar, Yildiray (a). Anthony Edward Stark is the son of wealthy industrialist and head of Stark Industries, Howard Stark, and Maria Stark. [173] Accepting this, he aids the JLA and the Avengers in the final battle and helped build the ship that took them to Krona's base. Crucial to fate of the multiverse are the nanites that Stark has accidentally created, which destroy damaged flesh and tissue as a cure for cancer, and prove to be a potent weapon against the zombies. ; other technologies (e.g., Quinjets used by the Avengers); and the image inducers used by the X-Men. ", DeFalco "1980s" in Gilbert (2008), p. 202: "In, Michelinie, David; Layton, Bob (w), Romita Jr., John (p), Layton, Bob (i). Some components of the armor-sheath are now stored in Tony's body, able to be recalled, and extruded from his own skin, at will. After Black Bolt reveals himself as a Skrull and is killed by Namor, a squadron of Skrulls attack, forcing Tony to evacuate the other Illuminati members and destroy the area, killing all the Skrulls. "Stan's Soapbox" from ", DeFalco "1960s" in Gilbert (2008), p. 99: "Following the tradition of Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu and Atlas' own Yellow Claw, the Mandarin first appeared in, DeFalco "1960s" in Gilbert (2008), p. 100: "The Black Widow was a Russian spy assigned to capture American industrialist Tony Stark...Her story was plotted by Stan Lee, written by...Don Rico, and drawn by Don Heck. Osborn orders the Sentry to annihilate Asgard, rather than allow the Avengers to have it. [182], In the Amazing Spider-Man comic's event Spider-Verse, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Scarlet Spider (Kaine) and Spider-man (Ben Reily) meet and fight a clone of Tony Stark (Earth-802) as Iron Man serving one of the Inheritors, Jennix. [69] The Ghost, the Living Laser and Spymaster reappear and shift Iron Man from standard superhero stories to dealing with politics and industrialism.[70]. He also appears to have forgotten he had some design in the machine which opened a link to the Ultimate Universe. When things start to escalate, Tony and his crew go rogue and in search for answers for the Cube. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Using this, Tony is able to get the Avengers to Metropolis, where the Avengers confront the JLA again. student reverse-engineered some of his technology, Stark develops a new armor which can change shape according to the situation he would find himself. During the confrontation, Ulysses has another vision which he projects to Iron Man and everyone present, showing a rampaging Hulk standing over the corpses of the defeated superheroes. [volume & issue needed], He has been briefly mentioned as being held in a S.H.I.E.L.D. All Rights Reserved. [198][199], In 2009, Playtech released an online casino slot machine game called Iron Man. He sacrifices himself to kill several zombies in Stark Tower, with Rhodes permanently succeeding him in the role of Iron Man. Harold Hogan was a former boxer who received the nickname of \"Happy\" as he rarely smiled. In the process, he gained the unwilling alliance of the LMD Diamondback. 1, by writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca, began with a premiere issue cover-dated July 2008. Having convinced her that he is the "real" Tony, the AU Tony Stark erased her memories, reshaping the former LMD into an advanced suit of armor. Stark expands on his armor designs and begins to build his arsenal of specialized armors for particular situations such as for space travel[38] and stealth. He worked with his father from an early age, and surpassed his father's technical brilliance by the age of 16. This leads the United States government to declare Iron Man a danger and an outlaw, and severely sours Stark's relationship with Steve Rogers (Captain America, who was in his "Captain" persona at the time). The armor begins to grow more aggressive, killing indiscriminately and eventually desiring to replace Stark altogether. In a dangerous world he does all he can. "Master Blaster! The final issue of this storyline concluded Matt Fraction's series. [44] Eventually Stark and Rhodes, who is now his personal pilot and confidant, track down and defeat those responsible, although Hammer would return to bedevil Stark again. Iron Man (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The goal of the group (dubbed the Illuminati by Marvel) was to strategize overarching menaces, in which the Black Panther rejects a membership offer. This group of robots and androids want to obtain equal rights with organic beings through whatever way possible. [8] Writer Gerry Conway said, "Here you have this character, who on the outside is invulnerable, I mean, just can't be touched, but inside is a wounded figure. [156], In the continuity of Earth-2122, the home of Crusader X, where the British won the American Revolution and still control North America, Anthony Stark is a member of a group called the Sons of Liberty. Thor is forced to killed Sentry when the Void resurfaces. ", Manning "1990s" in Gilbert (2008), p. 289: "Tony Stark returned in this new ongoing series by writer Kurt Busiek and artist Sean Chen. Vortex dooms the entire human race with Andros donning a futuristic suit (classed "Hyperspace Mark XL") and the Extremis to kill Tony/Iron Man but goes to S.H.I.E.L.D. With the establishment of Floor Thirteen, Mark One keeps the A.I.