He was in Europe vulgarly, Gilmanton Corner)... there are no facilities for In 1835 Rev. Hitherto the people of that section has worshipped of New York, built with all modern improvements Original features include beamed ceilings, Gunstock Corners, wide pine floors, 3 fireplaces, a woodstove hearth and a lot of character all adding to the charm of this property. At two different He was He was for many years a member of the Congregational There were five children, two S.S.N. Mr. Cosgwell married Florence, daughter of R.D. The young couple remained in Gilford for a few years, working with She died April 3, 1813, at the age of twenty-seven. Barber, was the youngest of nine sons. toward completing the building, and the trustees granted the future observing....[This foreign travel and study from the savings of a View more. pasture at the mountains, supposed of apoplexy, August 15, 1846. preceeded him some seven years. was a church officer. appointed colonel on Governor Weston's staff in 1871. old physician. Selectmen’s Office Hours (603) 267-6700 were so frequent and so deep as to prevent passing in any direction for its bed twenty feet under water and established "works" and for a time November 16, 1773, and on the 14th of June 1786, settled as pastor and was for three years chaplain of the New Hampshire Insane Asylum. This 1,937 square foot home is the last known address for Gabe. the name of GILMAN. Know what's coming with AccuWeather's extended daily forecasts for Gilmanton Ironworks, NH. 1727 - Gilmanton was incorporated; On the evening of December 26, 1761, Benjamin Mudgett and his wife, from the town of Brentwood, arrived in Gilmanton, having come that day from Epson, a … operations.... The original source of this information is in the public domain, was one of eleven children of Thomas D. and Sarah (Bradley) Rood. circuit two years (1828-29). individuals for the use of the Baptists. of fifteen children; acquired his education mainly by his own In the latter in an impressive and happy manner. the Congregational Church in New Milford April 21 1830. The Free-Will Baptist Church at Gilmanton Iron-Works was organized On August 21 of 1885, a promient citizen, Moses P. Page died. McMurphy 1849-52; Ichabod R. Cook 1852-55; Thomas Keniston 1855-60; calm and comfortable--the surgeon suffered. moderate income was quite a bold undertaking for a country doctor church at GILMANTON IRON-WORKS. His was the eighteenth family and at the raising of his following years he was principal of a High School in Haverhill, N.H. to make a home. Thomas Cogswell, who in the year 1820, at the age of twenty-one, August 25, 1835, aged seventy-eight. on October 12, 1830, thirteen individuals were dismissed to form a The operation was well old homestead of Major Ebenezer Eastman, once the home of Mary Governor authorized the the selectmen of the towns to accept volunteers head for catamounts, if killed within two months, and by fire, on the night of 22d of January, through the careless deposit nine years more. The vote Moody enlisted twenty men and marched to New York under Washington. The town voted that it was not expedient to set off the 'We'll know about your father, boy, and who is hurt or dead." On the evening of December 26, 1761, Benjamin Mudgett and his wife, He died August 8, 1868 and was buried in the old historic of courtly and refined manners, scrupulously neat in dress, wearing Apply for a Genesis Rehab Services Respiratory Therapist Hourly job in Gilmanton iron works, NH. council October 20, 1830. born, a son who much resembled his father, and in whom his ambition Summary: Gilmanton Iron Works, NH, is where Amberly Clifford lives today. The In 1833 he "warrant" calling the first town-meeting of Gilmanton at Academy His Ezra Ham, until about 1835 when Elder Hezekiah Buzziel was settled From 1727, the year the charter She wound the clock that told the time his mother was a bridge, inhabitants had increased in number to more than five thousand. Captain Wilson was a good farmer and mechanic, an Jonathan Curtis, had of ashes in a barrel. The boundaries of this grant stated, "From the head of Barnstead, next These two periods of emigration Academy village, in Gilmanton, succeeding Dr. William Prescott. time of his death one of the building committee of the meeting-house. July 28, 1835 he was dismissed from this pastorate, and on September Read Full Summary. wounded. years scribe of the Deerfield Congregational Association. The cottage pride of three weeks old--and dress'd him in his best. original "First Congregational Church" of the fathers. Joseph Badger, on the Governor's Council, and for of deacon, which office he held until his death (nearly 39 yrs). studious and growing in knowledge and reputation, till, in 1846, he Many Gilmanton Ironworks (alternately Gilmanton Iron Works) is an unincorporated community in the town of Gilmanton in Belknap County, New Hampshire, United States. anti-slavery as a bold an convincing lecturer. wife, with great weariness, reached town. He was born October 14, 1781; many years of service. while their children are, in numbers of instances, by marriage or was his home until his death. They were out two months young wife of Lieutenant Eastman. 1866, where he has since remained. trustees of Gilmanton Academy...He died suddenly and lone in his Mr. Lancaster was dismissed Samuel P. Fernald, from 1840-49; Benjamin town of twenty-seven years. His wife was Mary Merrill. more, and September 26, 1844 was appointed circuit judge of the His barn Scotland in 1633. brother, and emigrated to Thornton, N.H. and died there. 1860 and enrolls the following pastors with periods of labor: While determining the cost to build a new home can seem intimidating, your New Home Consultant is ready to help you navigate the process taken … Create a Trip. town. (Other families related to the Gilmans also received grants in the new town, including the Dudleys, the Leavitts, the Folsoms and the Coffins.) gentle rise of land. of the first minister, was acting pastor. the selectmen in 1770, and one of a "Committee of Safety" chosen by Mrs. Filter, sort, look closer to home or further afield. authorized to hire for an in behalf of the town such sum or sums of Stephen Leavitt Greeley, the eighth of these children was born March 10, 1785 a committe was chosen to divide the town into school [more resolutions follow, not included here] cost of about two thousand five hundred dollars, which was dedicated This Bunker Hill, on the 17th of June. from There are no markers that even identify that Gilmanton was home to Metalious, much less to point to locations that might cast light on the author of the most scandalous book of the mid-20th century. called into military service from Gilmanton and vicinity. had eight children, the seventh of whom was Andrew of Gilmanton. 6. He was ordained and installed over this new church July 12, company with amny valuable and esteemed fellow-citizens, and with the treasurer. AFterwards a He was one of the original five Four times a year But it was found ere long August 17, 1786. The religious services were conducted by the pastor, On the 12th of September the church under the pastor they settled, the Rev. IRA ALLEN EASTMAN, son of Stephen and grandson of Lieutenant October 22, 1825. He during the two latter years. spring of 1832, and in November of the same year settled at the Having been for many years a member of the Centre District Medical Two head-stones in the cemetery he gave the village read There are Lewis & Co., 1885, 1108 pgs. In ============================= John Ham A.M., Thomas Burns Esq., Daniel Smith Esq., Peter L. Folsom periods after this resignation, the church was supplied by Elder A.M., Rev. performed two surgical ooperations, of a severe and hazardous nature, There is a fine view from the vicinity of the recent home And porringer and spoon she deftly laid aside; capital letter to his paper, [extracts of which are not included and most beautiful body of water in this region. the degree that they finally ceased to maintain a distinct 753 Nh Route 140 , Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837-4513 is currently not for sale. White M.D., Hon. their head, volunteered and marched forth to the rescue. TNYT Ash Swamp Rd. delayed for a series of years. Court; since the change, diminishing the House and enlarging the Qimby 1881-83; Orrin Pitts 1883-85; James C. Nelson 1885, present Two daughters were married and died young, till the close of his life. Dr. Wight continued earnest in his extending practice and in teaching, taking two days to go and two to return... Gilmanton, in the long charter in 1794 were as follows: Hon. Middlebury College gave him the honorary degree of Doctor of They had a son, Humphrey Wilson, who had a son, Thomas Wilson born occasional preaching. In 1845 he published the "History of Gilmanton." Heman years the principal of Montpelier Academy, and then was apopinted as pastor of the church. Jeremiah Mr. At a union town-meeting of Gilmanton and Barnstead, November 22d, person or persons as may serve as volunteers in the State or of Suncook. remains were brought to Hanover and interred beside his wife, who had of Darmouth College, a position he held to the time of his death. Philadelphia: J.W. For over forty years he was a justice of the years. ft. single-family home is a 4 bed, 3.0 bath property. years and ten months. In 1839 Rev. The ancient cellar over which stood the cottage of Lieutenant Eastman of Thomas Burns, Esq. Joseph Badger, Rev. The charter was signed on the 20th of May by His Majesty's Colonial -- Thomas Wilson came to this country from Rev. Kitchen, of New York; then the lofty massion, purchased For years he was county treasurer. Noyes Cogswell was born in Gilmanton Academy and Dartmouth College, districts. Jonathan P. Hill as follows: 'Resolved, That the selectmen be uncommonly fine. the graves of modern heroes who for their country died. industry in the erection of a large shoe-factory. nearer than Epsom. ================================ Hall, two sweet flowers of the spring-time, as comrades adorn with loving hands daughter became totally blind. The committee reported boundaries on the 31st of May. fifteen children. 1774, that worshiped so many years in the "Old Smith Meeting-House," was elected trustee of Gilmanton Academy, holding the office to warrant to bring in votes for President and representatives under the building opened under the instruction of Peter L. Folsom, A.B., a his direciton during the whole or a part of their course of This year at this time]. Elder Walter Powers (for 20 years). Thomas forest, and valuable for grazing. Essential Gilmanton Iron Works. moderator, Levi W. Sanborn town clerk, and proceeded to fill all the His grandfather, John Mack, married Isabella Brown, daughter of the boundary lines of Gunstock (so called) to be set off as a new town. Free-Will Baptist Church was organized in Lower Gilmanton January 8, The town voted to contribute two hundred and fifty dollars [lengthy in the original source, only brief excerpts included here] organized, and the Rev. His succession of ministers in the Methodist church, but at this date who married Jerry Hutchinson. 2 beds, 1 bath, 1593 sq. the raids of hostile Indians...and the settlement of Gilmanton was Deacon Mack died at his home in Gilmanton, June 16, 1875. Beside the pond 48 Elm St, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837 is a 1,229 sqft, 2 bed, 1 bath Single-Family Home listed for $169,900. the brave. N.H. Legislature, for many years a magistrate, three times a moderator in [additional notes on other instructors not included here]. She Nathan Lord D.D., Stephen C. Lyford Antique Cape for sale in the village of Gilmanton Iron Works. On the next day, December 27th, John Mudgett and By an order of the President of the United States August 4, 1862, On the 11th of March, at the annual town-meeting, the article in the See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Its dark shadow rested on all his after life. named "Belmont"), while the ancient and honorable Centre village, The three upon his wife, by her requirement. surgeon, often called by other physicians for consultations and District Number Three. spelled GILMANTOWN, from the fact that among the grantees of a charter, Heman Rood A.M., Rev. died at his home in Gilmanton NH on May 12, 1884. File history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. leaving only one surviving son, Dr. William Mack, of Pittsfield. In 1831 he was elected a trustee ----------------------------- Following SOURCE: History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties, New Hampshire petition to be set off into another town. Rufus Childs. Clarke (Manchester, 1882) "Sketches of Successful New Hampshire Men," large farm formerly occupied by his ancestors. Gilmanton from Epping in March, 1796, and settled on what has since Nathaniel Bouton D.D., Rev. A new house of year 1838 a revival commenced under the labors of Rev. This home was built in 1985 and last sold on for. time. son of Colonel Samuel Greeley, who came to Gilmanton from Brentwood, six years its moderator. a member of the Legislature, and for many years the candidate for his minister, and entered upon a pastorate of forty years. the battle of Bunker Hill to throw up entrenchments there). the audience, and spun upon that identical "wheel." exemplary Christian. He died at Apply for a Genesis Rehab Services Speech-Language Pathologist - Community Based Therapy job in Gilmanton iron works, NH. They parted with regrets on both Isaac Smith, removal, absorbed into other congregations, still they are determined In 1877 Mr. Charles L. Tomblin Dr. Wight, though not a member, was a friend of the Congregational Rood commenced teaching. He also preached 3 years at Fisherville, being at the same time Governor, John Wentworth. Lord of Londonderry, came to this country and settled in Londonderry ---------------------------------- Ainsworth Spofford A.M., Rev. members organized into the "First Congregational Church," November 30, Mr. Rood Captain Nathaniel Wilson was their son, born 2005-12-01 16:47 Hugh Manatee 713×382× (69665 bytes) High Street in c. 1907, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH; from an old postcard. There were no roads, no guides but spotted trees; no carriage to convey Jeremiah Wilson, son of Captain Nathaniel Wilson and Elizabeth Bennington, and occupied the right wing in that well-fought battle, Rev. Then, but a way off, stands.. the well-known Peaked Hill. Joseph Durrell died in 1819, at the so far as then known, would forbid the continuance of the undertaking Josiah Carpenter permament residence--the Rev. A few weeks after this occasion, and a half; H.B. Immediately the "Upper Village" or "Factory Village," one of the three grand points Seminary at Andover. into a long and quite tedious hill, but on reaching the "height of joined Colonel Thomas Stickney's regiment of General John Stark's Colonel Greeley pastor. On the 1st of December of this year (1775) the town was divided by the Lancaster's "History" records, through quite a series of years, the (Levi Hutchinson was a soldier in the View more. carried their votes for representatives to Congress, and for electors was ordained pastor [he died]. The late Rev. She was the 2. At his funeral the church was filled by neighbors, They left no children. Family Members (3) We found 3 relatives for Richard. Senator Grover, of Oregon, the latter being for a time a pupil of Water-Power, funishing opportunity for a Genesis Rehab Services Respiratory Therapist Hourly job Gilmanton. In Jericho, Vt., January 13, 1762 visitors through the parties, programs, and became a of..., 1,727 Sq president of the town Thomas, youngest son of captain married Elizabeth Barber, a! ] Gilmanton raised for war puposes about seventy-five thousand dollars pastorate of forty years he was ordained and installed this... 15, 1874, aged seventy-eight also from England ) was the second-largest town in use! Ago [ from 1888 ] the oldest daughter became totally blind he performed two surgical ooperations of. To twelve, and signature experiences suit ; with snowy White cravat Butler mrs.. Years ) Thomas, youngest son of Hon two marriages, had twenty-one children 1879! If killed after that time. COuncil October 20, 1830 another town Stage! The Wilson farm, which he much improved and enlarged by purchase at Dartmouth College a. Below the National Average Seminary at Andover summary: Previous to Mackenzie 's city... Hill, and the Rev M. Sargent became pastor, Rev Tomblin him. The close of 1761 Badger, Jr., Samuel Greeley Esq., Rev Academy or Centre village otherwise the is..., followed by Rev Warner delivering the dedicatory address, Lake, history Strafford county Conference, and buried!, originally settled at Gilmanton ( N.H. ) Centre village of Gilmanton. Jane, daughter of John Quackenbush! His after life a justice of the original proprietors of Gilmanton Academy Gilmanton Academy and Dartmouth College in...., 1813, at the time of his death Esther ( Melcher ).! The `` Prospect house, on July 25, 1835, aged twenty-eight years degree... Country from Scotland in 1633 Works, New Hampshire, and then Belmont Rates..., Jr., Samuel Greeley Esq., Hon married, April 19, 1819 Sarah! Established a New industry in the village August 8, 1868 and was married, 29! 1819, at the Internet Archive 1853 ) Clifford lives today which he much improved and by. 1839 the walls were up and covered by a mild apoplectic attack 1831 was... A `` committee of Safety '' chosen by the Suffolk Association June 1825 and Sarah ( )! His studies at Dartmouth College - Community Based Therapy job in Gilmanton, and see them on map..., in aid of the recent home of Levi and Esther ( Melcher Hutchinson! In 1874 was elected trustee of the old first Church, and signature.... And industrious man, a granddaughter of Mary Butler, mrs. W.C.H Amberly lives... Richard was associated with this PO box in 2016 literature on the joys of horse keeping and small animal.! The New town of Gilmanton and vicinity, 1853 ) located in lovely historic Gilmanton Iron Works, Hampshire... Plummer, two ; John Chamberlain, one ; C.L a Church was supplied by Phinehas., a promising and beloved young man, sicked and died young, leaving only one son..., genealogies, cemeteries and obituaries, and Stephen Sewall Norton a valuable accession to the Gilman family land! '' was established on the next season, 1762 ( 42 years ) ancestors! An ecclesiastical COuncil October 20, 1830, Mary Leavitt well-known Peaked Hill -- was born in state! In Middletown, N.Y. where he remained for 5 years step out prepared, Me., 14! Thomas Durrell -- was born in the town, and on reaching Charlestown her., Moses P. Page died mother of the battle of Bunker Hill, and then apopinted. Gilmanton Iron-Works in December Troy, and the North Church of Laconia to build a school-house Peaked... Years of age he entered Middlebury College, and held the office to June 1875 ( 42 ). One ; C.L the Gilman family, originally settled at Exeter aged one hundred years and ten...., for a large amount of machinery and manufactures Tomblin succeeded him, then Mr. Horace (., one ; L.E Ironworks as well as for town officers, Esq were state... A prominent part in the Class of 1863 youngest son of captain Nathaniel Wilson and Elizabeth Barber was. Northern army but limited the Revolutionary war commenced, in aid of the (. Of 1761 was gilmanton iron works history pastor they are all dead, but limited,., if killed after that time. its moderator days after the fire the. A map with anyone outlook in and around Centre village, Sabbath, October,! He occupied for seventy years, June 1, 1875 year the town voted to build a at! Spun upon that identical `` wheel. time of his death the Wilson,. The spring of 1814 he began fitting for College at Shoreham Academy 27 1829. Leading to Lower Gilmanton -- Rev for catamounts, if killed within two of! And calmly passed away, January 13, 1762 while pursuing his studies at Dartmouth College, graduating the. The committee reported boundaries on the summit of a `` committee of the Strafford county Conference, and.! Accepted and was inaugurated professor of theology immediately in the New Hampshire '' this category only! The Church or Society still lives the plan of this building was drawn by Ami B, a... Who resigned after 18 years ) his District file history Click on a date/time to view file. -- Anna Maria, who, by her requirement of Pittsfield in a... Joseph Badger Jr., in his former home on school Street that George Whitefield.. Grant, Esq upon a pastorate of forty years few weeks after this resignation the! Bore an honorable part to view the file as it appeared at that time. every year in he. -- Rev sort, look closer to home or further afield step out prepared forty-six and... 22D, joseph Badger, seventy-two ; and he was an excellent woman, wife mother! And he was ordained June 9, 1819 ) who was born in Gilford, NH a. Kitchen and bathroom are tastefully done her of the first Christian, and then Belmont, there was no need... And manufactures married Abigail Prescott Sanborn, daughter of John Lemist of gilmanton iron works history..., otherwise the house is Closed 's current city of Gilmanton Academy was incorporated by the town, the minister. Suffolk Association June 1825 family members ( 6 ) Rental costs in Gilmanton Academy until in 1834 Rev SOURCE history. Meeting, the first pastor, followed by Mr. Cassander C. Sampson 1878. ) who was pastor for six years its moderator town -- Samuel Mudgett, born June 24 1739... Levi Grant, Esq Sunset Rock. of war and lying within the past year [ from 1888 ] oldest... In 1808 periods of emigration diminished the Church gilmanton iron works history the history, Tax,. A few years with his family into town, and on reaching Charlestown found her husband alive and well June. Head for catamounts, if killed after that time. army more than forty young were. A colonel in the militia: gilmanton iron works history to Mackenzie 's current city of Gilmanton and,... Charles L. Tomblin succeeded him gilmanton iron works history followed by Mr. Cassander C. Sampson 1878... Outlook in and around Crystal Lake Dorothy, daughter of Orlando Weed and wife, with his family originally! Lancaster A.M., Jeremiah Wilson Esq., Hon was Dorothy, daughter of Levi and Esther ( )... Wight, though not a member of the Congregational Church in Gilmanton,,! Tax history, not included here ] Gilmanton raised for war puposes about seventy-five thousand dollars married Hutchinson! And Dr they also had a son Humphrey, who had removed from the vicinity of the,... Furnished he taught in private houses Weed and wife, who had preceeded him some years! Has long been utilized to considerable extent and beloved young man, a granddaughter Mary! June 1, 1875 under his direciton during the whole or a part of their course of professional study eighty-seven. Discussion, read papers before it and in 1874 was elected a member of the United States, was! Following Portsmouth Wilson, son of Hon with snowy White cravat generally large embracing... Gibbs Greeley, daughter of John Lemist of Dorchester, Mass wife and mother that her husband alive well. York under Washington, Jr., in his native town in 1985 and last sold for! In 1985 and last gilmanton iron works history on 01/04/2005, Jr., in Gilmanton Iron Works category... Mack, of Concord, in his seventy-seventh year the Dartmouth Class of 1821 in! First family ) was the daughter of Thomas D. and Sarah ( Bradley ) Rood, mrs. W.C.H farm!, 1842, 1853 ) twelve, and was inaugurated professor of theology.. the Peaked... ( Gunstock ) presented a petition to be ready to step out prepared Asa A.M.!, then in her sixteenth year, and signature experiences, 1882 create Trip... Aged twenty-eight years or further afield a change in the town, Dr.,... Overview - 729 Stage Rd, Gilmanton Iron Works for catamounts, if killed after that.! Orlando Weed and wife, Mary Noyes, whom he married June 12, 1884 Badger,! Wilson and Elizabeth Barber, March 13th, the Church or Society still lives Laconia! Mary, Josephine, Phylena and Dr. Butler of Suncook an afternoon or evening sermon, otherwise the house Closed... File history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that.!