This alphabet, which is much more difficult to read than the bolder Cyrillic founded on the Greek uncial, survived for ordinary purposes in Croatia and in the islands of the Quarnero till the 17th century. Beat DeReuck and Delilah Asiago in'97 Bolder Boulder 10K . "They must be feeling dull, too," said one of the bolder officers, laughing. Al Shultz, co-owner of Boulder Crete Inc. 2. bolder in a sentence - 12 Lists. Similar words: border on, order, in order, disorder, out of order, in order to, in order that, dictionary order. 2. It can be difficult for some of the more introverted signs to get along with bolder signs. Soon came bolder, larger forms using stone spokes, or small, cusped roundels set in a ring, like an old telephone dial. While the cottage chic look continues strong, some of the newest florals are in bolder, more brilliant colors with pop art style designs. b: showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit a boldplan. Cecilius meditated even a bolder stroke. This is a simple online bold text generator. 3. It was only when convinced that parliamentary reform and Catholic emancipation were not to be obtained by constitutional methods, that he reluctantly engaged in treasonable conspiracy; and in opposition to bolder spirits like Lord Edward Fitzgerald, he discountenanced the taking up of arms until help should be obtained from France. The bolder list of example sentences with bolder. Content of ads get riskier, funnier, bolder and memorable to entice you to shop at their store rather than a competitors. bolder / examples. It is about time that the international community took a bolder step. This bill would also just amp up the black market for fake IDs and increase criminal activity as desperate drug addicts tenaciously engage in bolder actions to satisfy their uncontrolled and irresistible cravings. Because invisible settings grip stones below their widest dimension, the settings are more fragile than their bolder counterparts and they must be treated carefully to ensure their security. Ideas of revolt and reform of decadent systems are always in the air, it may be for centuries, until some one man bolder than the rest stands out to give them free expression; and as John the Baptist preceded Jesus Christ, so Nanak was preceded by several reformers, whose writings are incorporated in the Granth itself. Unless you're in a summer, outdoor wedding, you don't have to choose pastels, especially if you prefer bolder fashions. The robust kinds resemble the Spiraeas of the Aruncus group, but are bolder, and perhaps better suited for the margin of water. Sentence count:156+48 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-16Updated:2016-12-13. 240. 103. The western pediment, which is more conservative in type, represents the earlier expedition of Heracles and Telamon against Troy; the eastern, which is bolder and more advanced, probably refers to episodes in the Trojan war. However, if your kitchen is large with room for a breakfast nook, you may choose a bolder or deeper color to make the space feel a little more cozy. Plants exhibit the controlling power of environment to a high degree, and thus vegetation is usually in close adjustment to the bolder geographical features of a region. Pastels are available for women who prefer the softer look in spring clothes while bolder colors can satisfy those who like dramatic looks. They have larger, bolder heads than the Leicesters. This bill would also just amp up the black market for fake IDs and increase criminal activity as desperate drug addicts tenaciously engage in bolder actions to satisfy their uncontrolled and irresistible cravings.. The design argument is available for the slightly bolder philosophy of intuitionalism as well as for empiricist theism. A boulder is a large rock. Meaning: ['bəʊldə] n. 1. a large smooth mass of rock detached from its place of origin 2. a town in north central Colorado; Rocky Mountains resort center and university town. Similar words: shoulder, smoulder, round-shouldered, head and shoulders above, mould, could, would, mouldy. Ring Width: Narrow bands can create a delicate bridal set, while thicker bands can be a bolder option. Some of Emmet's bolder proposals, such as a plan for capturing the commander-in-chief, were vetoed by the timidity of his associates, none of whom were men of any ability. 3. See more. Cardigan: When choosing your cardigan, don't be afraid to opt for bolder colors. It is rich, ornate, yet hardly florid, distinguished by splendid effects of light and shade, obtained by a far bolder use of projections than had hitherto been found in the somewhat fiat design of Venetian façades. of impassable mountain, and knowing well the danger of a " cordon " defensive, he met the crisis in another and a bolder fashion. Groups of the bolder kinds associated with Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora, Lilium Henryi, and Azalea mollis are effective for months on end, and all revel in deep rich loam, old manure, and leaf-mould. Department stores, such as Walmart and Target, offer inexpensive undies, but lingerie stores such as Victoria's Secret generally offer a greater variety and bolder selections. In the Lagan Valley the boulder clay is often covered by later glacial deposits. Example sentences from the Web for boulder They found that boulder s in this area showed bright veins, narrow in width but about a meter in length, similar to what’s found in other carbonaceous chondritic … If your kitchen is typical and has very little wall space, you can use brighter and bolder colors than you might normally select for a splash of color. But the boho designs of the 1960s tended to be bolder and more abstract and have a warm, lively quality that makes them so desirable today. Example Sentences for "bolder "Let us then take a bolder analogy than even that suggested in the explanation of Forbes, where he compares the Glacier du Géant to a strong and swiftly flowing river. Synonym: Boulder, bowlder. Right Hand Rings: Right hand rings are typically bolder, wilder designs than most engagement rings, and couples may find it easier to find heart shapes in these specialty rings. sentence examples. boulder county, colo. — A man has been sentenced to 24 years in prison for assaulting his girlfriend by strangling her, something the District Attorney's (DA) office said he had done before. The helo flew west, towards the border with Idaho. New To Scrabble? border. 568. Sentence Examples; Word Finders . Need synonyms for bolder? 134. definitions. They have larger, bolder heads than the Leicesters. Boulder quotes from YourDictionary: I am delighted, one more time, by the daring of my species and the audacity of our flying machines. The company quickly branched outside of its original titanium designs and released acetate frames, that offered a much bolder look. Similar words: border, order, in order, disorder, in order to, out of order, in order that, dictionary order. A matching bedspread and bright, funky accessories like a few of your bolder pieces of clothing hanging as decoration can really make the look standout! She won her hometown Bolder Boulder three consecutive times. Continuing his work on a bolder scale, the Viennese priest Gunther undertook to show that the articles of the Christian creed are only a roughand-ready popular statement of the conclusions of philosophy. 4. In this instance, the shirts will be in brighter, bolder colors and patterns. Buy a few of your standard white ones (so they don't look obvious under other clothes) and then move on to some bolder looks. 102. Leave it bare to give the illusion of space, and focus bolder accent pieces on tables and rugs nearby. If you don't have a fancy top, then pair a plain ruffled shirt with a printed or floral skirt; the brighter and bolder the better. Similar words: shoulder, smoulder, round-shouldered, head and shoulders above, mould, could, would, mouldy. Sentence count:118Posted:2017-05-05Updated:2017-05-05. His influence was indeed by no means so decisive and so pervasive as has commonly been supposed, and his attacks on the evils in the Church were no bolder or more comprehensive than those of Marsiglio and Wycliffe, or of several among his contemporaries who owed nothing to his example. Looking for sentences and phrases with the word boulder? Random good picture Not show. 86. 4. It is the most ornamental of its distinct family, and is highly suitable for grouping with the bolder herbaceous plants. Fortune favours the bold. Avoid novelty ties completely and instead go for pinstripes, bolder stripes, textures, and other understated prints. These designs are similar to their bolder counterparts, but the heavy ink work is largely replaced by finer lines that impart a daintier appearance. Learn the definition of bolderby and how to use it in a sentence. 146. More exciting parties can feature bolder colors and frills. Independently of the illustration of written or printed books, for which purpose woodcuts were almost exclusively used, separate engravings or sets of engravings in both kinds were produced, the more finely wrought and more expensive, appealing especially to the more educated classes, on copper, the bolder, simpler and cheaper on wood; and both kinds found a ready sale at all the markets, fairs and church festivals of the land. In the 1970s, the white baseball behind the Giants name was changed from white to orange, and in the 1980s a bolder, uppercase type font replaced the cursive Giants from the earlier logo. In these remains of the tragedies of Ennius we can trace indications of strong sympathy with the nobler and bolder elements of character, of vivid realization of impassioned situations, and of sagacious observation of life. The executive council, which had been appointed by the Potchefstroom assembly, with Pretorius as president, now took up a bolder attitude: they deposed Schoeman from all authority, declared Zoutpansberg in a state of blockade, and denounced the Boers of the two northern districts as rebels. 110. Scrabble Word Finder; Whirly Word Cheat; Words with friends cheat; Letter Press Cheat; Draw Somthing Cheat; Word Lists; Help. Open bottom styles usually come in brighter, bolder colors with accents like lace, bows, and beads in addition to the simpler white, nude, and black styles. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Example sentences for: bolder How can you use “bolder” in a sentence? Finally, Price, writing after the demonstration by Shaftesbury and Butler of the actuality of disinterested impulses in human nature, is bolder and clearer than Cudworth or Clarke in insisting that right actions are to be chosen because they are right by virtuous agents as such, even going so far as to lay down that an act loses its moral worth in proportion as it is done from natural inclination. At this stage, indeed, bolder strategy was hardly required, for already Rumania had declared war on Bulgaria and had begun an unopposed march on Sofia, while the Turks at Chatalja and Bulair, ignoring the Treaty of London, reoccupied Adrianople without firing a shot.